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Prevent Viewers From Copying Your Blog Content

Prevent Viewers From Copying

It’s frustrating once individuals copy your web log post or image and pass it off as their own. No many thanks, no credit, no linkback. Worse still once the Copied content ranks beyond yours (the original) in search results. All the exertions, down the drain.

This post can show you the way deter unhealthy individuals from stealing your web log content.

Below ar a number of the ways in which individuals will copy your web log content:

Use of website editor can be seen

Below you will learn how to Prevent Viewers From Copying your blog content

How your blog content is copied?

Select – Copy – Paste. this could be done by victimization of your browser’s menu, the right-click context menu or victimization Shortcut keys.

Select – Drag – Drop. Text and pictures may be elect and dragged into another window.

Copy from RSS feed. If you would like to repeat a complete post this selection is best. Scrapers love RSS feed as a result of it delivers your latest post to them. they will copy all of your latest content while not even visiting your blog!

Copy from ASCII text file (Source Code).

Prevent Viewers From Copying

How to safeguard your content

Below are many alternative ways you’ll forestall your web log content from being derived while not your consent:

I) Disable text Selection in your Web Page

Making text unselectable is that the best thanks to forestall text from being derived from a live page victimization the right-click context menu road keys or drag & drop. this will be enforced victimization solely CSS, by applying the subsequent CSS definitions to the component that you just need text choice disabled:

-webkit-user-select: -khtml-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: -moz-none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none;

Disable text selection in Blogger posts, CSS Code is’

.post {-webkit-user-select: none; -khtml-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: -moz-none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none;}

This CSS can disable text choice on the component and every sub components. Ito ought to work on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE10+. For IE9 and below, use onselectstart='return false' event handler, see II).

Re-enable text choice

What if you wish to permit repeating in some components of your post. Say you post some codes (like I do) for readers to repeat, then it doesn’t add up if they cannot choose to repeat it right? luckily you’ll restore text choice, by applying constant CSS definition to the component and replacement the worth “none” with “text”. Let’s say your code is wrapped within a <CODE>  tag, then the code you would like is:

.post code {-webkit-user-select: text; -khtml-user-select: text; -moz-user-select: text; -ms-user-select: text; user-select: text;}

II) Disable drag and drop

You can disable drag and drop for each text and image by adding the subsequent event handler to the element:


ondragstart=’return false’

To disable drag and drop Within Blogger posts, go through these steps:
  1. Go to Template > Edit HTML and click anywhere inside the editor.
  2. Press Ctrl+F (Cmd+F in Mac), and a search box should appear on the upper right corner of the editor.
  3. Use the search box to jump to this code:

<b:includable id='post' var='post'>

4. Now click the arrow tip on the left of that line to expand the code. Once expanded , the second line ought to look one thing like this:

<div class='post hentry' itemprop='blogPost'itemscope='itemscope'itemtype='http://schema.org/BlogPosting'>

 5. Drop the handlers into the tag

<div class='post hentry' itemprop='blogPost'itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='http://schema.org/BlogPosting'ondragstart='return false' onselectstart='return false'>

 (onselectstart=’return false’ is added to prohibit text selection in IE9 and below.)

IV) Shorten RSS feed

Once they grab your RSS feed, nothing will stop them from repetition or doing no matter they need with it. no matter copy hindrance measures you have applied on the live pages can not have any result here.

That said, you'll be able to but, management what proportion feed they get. to forestall feed from being derived fully, supply solely partial/short feed rather than full feed. build them return to your diary if they need additional.

To shorten your diary feed,go to Dashboard > Settings > Other > Site feed > Allow Blog Feed and select Short or Until Jump.



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