Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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insert html javascript

Insert HTML Javascript-CSS Codes As Plain Text In Blogger Posts

There are a lot of bloggers in this blogosphere. Every Blogger with his/her own style of blogging. But here we will talk about Tech...

How To Write a Blog – Blogging Tips

Let me just start asking you a question! and i would like you to ask yourself the same question. Do you really want to...
Vertical Sharing Widget for Blogger

Vertical Sharing Widget for Blogger

We have another fantastic blogger widget to customize and make a great use of your blog. A floating Vertical Sharing Widget for blogger having...
Infinite Scrolling

Automatic Scrolling (Auto Next Page)

You Must have observed that major websites like Facebook & Twitter these days use Infinite or Automatic Scrolling, which helps in faster browsing and...
Prevent Viewers From Copying

Prevent Viewers From Copying Your Blog Content

It’s frustrating once individuals copy your web log post or image and pass it off as their own. No many thanks, no credit, no...
Adsense Ads Here

Adsense Ad Converter Tool

With Adsense Ad Converter Tool You Can  Add Adsense Ads below Blogger Post Title  Add Adsense Ads inside Blogger Post Add Adsense Ads after...
Blogger Tips

Remove “Showing Posts with Label” From Blogger

With the change in time and technology, the bloggers have made many changes in their Blogger Templates, Adding links to the Posts having same...
Blogger Widgets Sticky

Blogger Widgets Sticky

When a traveler (User) scrolls down your web log to look at additional content, the higher portion of your web log goes out the...

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