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How To Write a Blog – Blogging Tips


Let me just start asking you a question! and i would like you to ask yourself the same question. Do you really want to start a blog? Though its pretty sure that the answer must be “YES”. But you’ll come to know further in this article why I asked you this. Another question which you must be having in your mind would be, How to Write a Blog. To know the answer, first thing i would like to say you is read this article till end. You might feel it a bit boring and if you really feel bored, then Forget Blogging.

Frequent Questions on How to Write a Blog

A couple of months back, I attended a Technical Fest in a College Of Engineering Roorkee. I was there as one of the sponsors. Met a lot of enthusiastic students who were very keen to get the answers to their questions. I am sharing few questions here.

Question 1 – How to Make Money Online Though your Blog?

I m sure many of you must be having this question in your mind, and this is one of the reasons you have landed on this page to get some solutions to your query. Yes you can make a very decent amount of money online but i would recommend you to concentrate of what blogging is at this real time situation.

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Question 2 – How to Become a Pro-Blogger?

Now I really like this question from the newbies. Your zeal to achieve anything can be seen in your query. This was some really good to talk on. I’ll be answering these questions in my upcoming blog posts. Lets read further to know How to Write a blog.

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Decide Your Blogging Platform

Though there are a lot of blogging platforms available in this web world. But here i would talk about Blogger and WordPress.

  • Blogger (Available for Free)

If you want to blog just as a hobby and for part time, you may opt blogger as your blogging platform. Blogger is a Google owned platform, which is quite flexible. If you are well versed with HTML coding, you may easily optimize the blog layout by editing HTML. Your blog would be something like “YourBlogName.blogspot.com”.

  • WordPress (Yearly Charges for Hosting)

WordPress on the other end is much more optimized if we go for a self hosted WordPress. As it is based on CMS (Content Management System).

I always recommend Bluehost to all the the bloggers who are looking forward to buy web hosting. As Bluehost is best for wordpress hosting. You may also try Host Gator web hosting and start your wordpress blog right away.

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Decide Your Blog Name

This is the First thing you need to think a lot on. You can change a lot of things in your blog, but your Blog name will be your Identity. Whatever name you’ll provide. It should describe what your blog is all about. Though a lot of time there are exceptions, but remember, exceptions are always there.


Domain Name

Domain name (Normally known as the Website Link) will be the address to your blog. For instance you can even change your Blog name but changing a domain name would hurt your blog. The Domain name must be very clean, creative but still make sure if its easy to remember. Example – “MakeUseOf“. I never forget this Domain as it was easy to remember it. Or you may refer to My domain as well. Technoratan (Tech = Technology & Ratan = Jewels) Together it make Jewels of Technology. Try to fetch a valid meaning out of your Domain name. It really helps if you want a good response from your Blog.

Remember most of the new blogger quit blogging within 3 months. These are some official stats according to an online survey. Be very sure what you are going to share in your blog. Don’t just start Writing any thing.

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Quality Content

Again i would remind the question, you want to know how to write a blog! So let me just share the most important thing you must know and stick to. Google has rolled out another Algorithm. which is much more strict and strong. And its strict for one basic thing, Content. A quality content is the soul of any blog. And if you can really deliver quality content, Your Domain name and Blog name wont make any difference. People will start loving what you write.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another Important and very crucial part of Blogging is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Read this article to know how to write a blog post which is  Search Engine Optimized.

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I am quite sure that you would well aware of how to write a blog. If still you have queries in your mind regarding blogging, you may discuss in the comments section below.

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  • Frequent Questions on How to Write a Blog
  • Decide Your Blogging Platform
  • Decide Your Blog Name

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