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Guest Blogging – 7 Tips To Write an Effective Guest Post

Effective guest blogging tips to write a guest post

Guest posts are really important get quality backlinks and good amount of traffic. Guest blogging is the easiest way to get backlinks to our blog. But, after Matt Cutts’s (Google Web Spam Team Head) statement on Spammy Guest blogging, we’ve to take some extra care while doing guest blogging. Writing a guest post doesn’t need any extra skill, but if you follow the tips I am going to share, you can write a perfect guest post. A blogger always wants the guest author to write a blog post which is for the readers and written with the current practices of Search Engine Optimization.

I have also shared some tips to increase blog traffic efficiently. Social traffic is also a crucial part of blogging, even if you are guest blogger, you need to have a good social appearance so that the other blog admins trust you. You can find some cool tips to increase twitter followers in a very short time.

Here are the tips that can help you to write a perfect guest post and getting good quality backlinks backed with lots of Traffic and Authority.

Note – Don’t be in a hurry, read this article carefully as it will also help you to write an effective and influential blog post for your blog. 

 Effective guest blogging tips to write a guest post

Tips for Effective Guest Blogging

1) Do enough Research about Topic:-

There are too many blogs available on internet to give you latest and best information about different subjects. Before writing a guest post, you have to research on that particular topic you are going to write a guest post. Collect information about the topic and then start writing your post. If you write a detailed post with up-to-date information, you are going to rock. Also, before writing for any blog, read that blog thoroughly, understand how they write, etc.

2) Write Attractive Titles:-Creative Page Title

If you want your post to get high response, want more people to read your guest post? then a perfect and attractive title can do this job. An Attractive title is the headline that attracts readers like magnet and force readers to read the post.  That’s how your post can get high exposure. And with it, there are high chances of getting traffic to your blog too. Many new bloggers asked me questions about how they should start, so I shared some tips for starting a new blog.

3) Introduce Yourself First:-

When you write guest post, don’t forget to introduce yourself to the readers at the beginning of the post. Try to tell readers a bit about you. This will help you to create trust among the readers and also, it can increase your authority.

If you are new into blogging, do not forget to read some of the finest blogging tips and start blogging.


4) Stick to the Topic:-

Sticking to the topic is most important part if you need your guest post to be a solid post. I’ve seen many such guest bloggers who write only for the sake of Backlink and ran away from main post topic. If you do this, you’ll not get much benefit from your post. Suppose, you are writing on topic “Best Asus Laptops “, you should only write about that topic. Don’t add anything about other topic. It will help you to boost reader engagement on your post. You can read this post on ASUS mobile review, though it is a self-written post but writing a guest post in such way is always useful and effective.

5) Write in Conversational Tone:-

While writing guest post, try to add some conversational tone to that. Your post shouldn’t be like a serious Textbook with no story, only with complicated theories and blah blah  blah.. If you check other articles posted on Technoratan India, you’ll see that I’ve always tried to talk to my readers.

Just imagine, if your article is like a Dumb Chapter in Textbook, who will read it with full interest? Nobody will read such boring stuff. Such Mono-tonal post will repel readers from reading it.  Also, many pro-bloggers advice to use word “YOU” instead of “I” to boost engagement on your guest post.

6) Use Better Call-To-Action (CTA):-

A Call To Action is the word, sentence or Paragraph that forces readers to do specific action. Actions may be like Commenting on post, subscribing to blog, etc. If you have better Call To Action, there is a high chance of readers doing specific things as CTA explains. That’s how you can get good engagement, comments, etc on your post. An example of this can be found in the end of this post.

7) Reply to The Comments On Post:-

Be sure, reply to each and every comment you receive on your guest post. This will help you to build trust among your readers. They will trust you more, if you personally reply to their comments. Don’t forget to reply to reader’s comments.


Guest Blogging is an Important part of SEO and will be. It is a best form of marketing which can help you to grow your business or blog. Also, it is a best and easiest way to get dofollow link, lots of Traffic and Authority.

I want to give you one more tip, If you think that submitting 2-3 guest posts to blogs and getting links will help you to do miracles with your blog, then you are totally wrong. You’ve to do guest blogging with extra care and consistently. Just have a proper time gap between two guest post to ensure proper authority building and backlink building.

3 most Influencing Blogs with great trust and authority that accept Guest Posts

  1. Search Engine Land – One of the most influential and trusted blogs providing tips and news on current SEO practices.
  2. Shout ME Loud – A very famous blog by Mr. Harsh Agrawal providing tips on blogging, affiliate marketing, and making money online. You can also make money through your guest post by adding your adsense ad code ID.
  3. Labnol (Digital Inspiration) – Another very famous and trusted brand by Mr. Amit Agarwal where you can showcase your blogging talent and create your brand image by making an individual image.

Here, i will end my piece of advice. If you think I’ve  done a great job by writing this post or have any doubt regarding this article, let me know in comments. I’ll be happy to help you. Feel free to drop your suggestions and correct me if i went wrong anywhere in this article.

Did you realize that you just read a 1100 words article while learning these effective blogging tips to write an amazing and effective guest post?

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  1. Hello Gautam,

    If there is one thing which I love about this post it as to do with channeling out great headlines. Headlines are the first call of commitment to any post.

    The power of guest posting can’t anyway be under estimated. It is my main focus this month planning to relish it to the fullest.

    Do have a great weekend.

    • I really appreciate that you loved it Emmanuel. I hope you stick to your focus and make the most of your plans for guest blogging and become a prestigious Guest Author soon. 🙂
      You too enjoy your Weekend

  2. Hello Admin, This article was so beautiful and interesting to read. I am interested in providing few guest posts on most influencing blogs. These guest blogging tips are surely going to help me now. And i must add that the Call to Action in your article provoked me to add my views in here and share what i am up to after reading your blog post.

    Great Share, keep posting and helping newbies

  3. Gautam Sehgal, I really love this article thanks a lot for sharing this article on your blog. Now I will do all these steps while writing guest post.

  4. Hey Gautam,

    I have yet to do a guest blog post, but the tips you have here seem like the same tips you would follow when you’re writing a post for your own blog. The only thing that’s different is introducing yourself to the blogger’s audience. I will definitely keep these tips in mind whenever I write a guest post! Thanks for sharing and you have a good one!

    I found your post on kingged.com under the category of Blogging

    • Thanks for the valuable comment Mr. Sherman Smith, You are write, if the same tips are followed to write your own post, the daily unique Audience will surely become a loyal reader of our blog. Also, when we write for the readers, its creates trust among them and helps to increase the authority of our blog.

  5. Hi Guatam,

    Really great tips here. Guest blogging can surely get you a lot of exposure from another audience, especially when the blog you are doing a guest post for has a lot of traffic. As you said, you must make sure that you stick to the topic, and have a good title. I also think you should have a relevant featured image that can capture the readers attention even more. I don’t necessarily think that you have to introduce yourself in your guest post, that is up to the admin. I would say have a about me at the end of the post, but that is just my opinion. Great post here though, well written.


    • Hello Lawrence, I really appreciate your comment. Yes you are nice, its not necessary to introduce yourself in the beginning of the post, also featured images play a very big role in reader engagement. Thank you for taking time to drop your valuable suggestion.

  6. Great information on guest blogging. I have read so much concerning the pros and cons of guest blogging, do you feel it is really a benefit for blogs new and old?

    Thank you for the information and response if time allows.

    • Guest Blogging is still really helpful for the blogs, either old or a newer one. But it depends, whether you are guest posting for the sake of link building, or you really want to make a brand name and make the most of other’s reputation and their loyal readers.

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