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Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

Blogging Tips

Today business through blogging is booming at a great lick. Many people, who are familiar with computer technologies, try to build their own business like this one. Actually thousands of blogs appear every day all over the world, but only few of them work successfully and bring profits to their owners.  It’s usually caused by mistakes, which bloggers make during their blog’s creation and blog Promotion. As a result, blog’s traffic and growth decline, and business becomes unprofitable. I’d like to share some blogging tips with you, which may help to avoid these problems and improve the quality of your work.

Blogging Tips – Blog Design

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the design of your blog. Even if the content is good, it won’t be readable if the design is awful.  The design of blog means background, font, images, etc. It must be created in such way, that it won’t become annoying and bold for visitor. The font must be appropriate for reader’s eye, neither small, nor large in size, and not too stylish either. If you use more than one font in the text, combine them properly; they should fit together and produce a pleasant view in total. As for font color, don’t hurry to change it. The best solution is to let it be the way it is. But if you really need to change color, consult the expert at first. Unsuitable font color will spoil overall picture.  The next thing is images. Correct usage of them plays an important role. They mustn’t be very large or small. The resolution must be appropriate. Use quality images. Don’t copy pictures from other blogs. Search them on some special sites, for example, on Google pictures. As for background, be careful in your choice. Sometimes it is even better to leave it in white color. Don’t use very bright colors and pictures. They distract visitor’s attention and fatigue eyes too much.
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Blogging Tips – Blog Content

Blog content is one of the most important aspects. Don’t try to copy content from other websites. It is useless and it only declines your blog reputation. Create pithy, engaging, actual, informative and quality articles. You’d better spend more time and write one good article, than you will write few, but not quality ones. Check spelling constantly, there shouldn’t be any mistake. Your content must not only solve reader’s problem, but give more useful information according to the question. Title is a detail, which attracts visitor’s attention most of all. It should contain keywords, which make person read the article. Don’t forget, your content must be written in accessible language for everybody.

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Blogging Tips – Blog Optimization

Bloggers will never reach success without content optimization. Due to it your blog can get better rank and attract the audience. There’re three key types of content: text, video, images. The general condition for each of them is that you must provide key data, with help of which search engines will determine your site among other similar ones. As for text optimization, you should remember, that it is worthy to give all information about your blog in the homepage. In the title tag in HTML code try to bring in some significant data in order to make users understand at once, what site they are on. In URLs use keywords, which open the direction of your site. It is possible to use long pertinent keywords, which facilitate the search of your content. For optimization of images, add some main keywords to the meta tags in order to convey the meaning to your visitors. The meta tags should contain the title tag and the source. To optimize video, after checking the quality of it, you need to make a branded channel in video sites, for example, Youtube. As a result other contents of your site will be noticed too. Video title must open the intention of the video.

Blogging Tips – Blog Promotion

Many bloggers are not able to get a good traffic, because they share their contents not in very reliable sources. In order to improve this situation, it is necessary to choose the best places for your content promotion. I want to advise you a few of them, which help you to attract a traffic to your blog.

LinkedIn Group.

It allows you to join and create different social groups. I recommend to share the best posts here, because many professionals visit this group, and if there are some errors in your articles, or the topic is not actual, your work can go flop. Also don’t forget to be active in the group. Leave comments, give value to other contents. Play ball with other users, invite members from different countries to join the group, and you will surely attract traffic to your content.

Facebook Groups.

Join a few quality groups. You don’t need to join many groups, because it won’t influence a positive result. Use only few, but quality groups and be very active in them. Comment on other’s works, share out your links and success will find you.

 Blog communities.

It’s enough profitable to use blog communities, because the audience is very active here. However, remember about your own activeness, which help to get excellent results in your business.

About the author:

Paul Smith perfectly understands how to be successful in blogging. There is nothing hard to do work with flying colors. Paul smith comes to know the particulars of innovations in medicine, health treatment and healthy lifestyle.  Find him on http://askessay.com/  | Google+

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  1. Good blog design, valuable blog content, well optimized layout and content, and effective blog promotion are important for blogging success. Newbies should grasp these details for online success!

    This comment was left in kingged.com – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  2. These tips shared above would really be helpful and valuable for every newbie.

    In order to start a good blog, you should consider some things that will make your blog well enough to entice readers to visit and read your contents.

    Blog design – it is important for you to be creative and unique in designing your blog website. In order to make your content readable, you should consider first your blog design.

    Create quality content and be ready to promote your blog on various social media platforms.

    Thanks for the post! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

  3. The title reminds me of Reginald Chan, his blog is about tips for beginners too.

    Anyway, it’s easy to understand how starters feel when taking the first step as a blogger. Opening the door and entering the world might be shocking without any idea or overview on what’s inside.

    This is a guide for them to keep on the track.

    The design, domain name, content and social media are nuts and bolts. Understanding its purposes will help them know what design to pick that suite for their goal.

    Well put all in all! Your post has been shared on Kingged.com, IM. social bookmarking site, enabling me to find. this good piece.

  4. Blogging might have a different meaning for everyone. For me, its a passion towards sharing quality knowledge through online platform, so that one can help people without any limitation.

    For being a good blogger, you should focus on some skills as mentioned below.

    1. You should have knowledge of HTML, CSS etc. so that you can design a good blog.
    2. You must be a good reader too. It is said that- Good leaders are good readers. When you have a good readership quality, you will surely more brilliant fellow.
    3. You need to keep yourself updated with current trends and happening in your respective domain. So that you can contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge too in that regard.
    4. You should be a social person. This will help you in making a good author-reader relationship. And being active on social media will also help in improving SEO for your site/blog.

    Other than that, you need to have a dedication towards blogging as profession. Trust me, it is among the best professions where you can be your own boss.

    By the way, I found the post shared on Kingged.com.

  5. Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for this article post, this a eye opening one for newbie. Most new bloggers refuse to understand that; it is until you develop a clean blog, have more quality contents, optimize both blog and the articles before starting BLOG PROMOTION.

    Most new bloggers are very aggressive towards making money, but this act make them ignore basic things that need to be done. “BLOGGING IS NOT A GET RAICH QUICK VENTURE” You need to work very hard in order to make huge income.

    Blog promotion should be last thing in your agenda, if you want loyal readers. Write as much quality content you can, optimize it before inviting people to your blog.

    Have a nice weekend

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