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PUBG Tips and Tricks – Win The Game

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

We all know, PUBG is spreading its wings! Player Unknowns Battle Grounds or most likely known as PUBG has spread its wings all over the globe. We would have seen people of various age-group playing this game at public places; also, that is how far the game has spread. It tops the list in the download section of the Play Store and App Store. This article is about some PUBG Tips and tricks which will be helpful for all the newbies who are entering into this unknowns battleground.

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Welcome newbies!

To the people who are new to the game, this game is all about survival. There are different types of players. You can play in a single-player mode, dual player mode and as a squad which consists of 4 members per team. There are certain tricks and techniques apart from grabbing the weapons and shooting right away. So, you’ll be seeing specific essential tips that help you increase your K/D ratio and enjoy your chicken dinner with your teammates. 

PUBG Tips and Tricks

  • Be wise while landing!

The game can be played for half an hour or even seconds, depending upon the place you land. Never jump instantly without marking a particular site. There are certain places in the map where quality weapons spawn more and players often go for it. 

PUBG Mobile On PC

The more precise your choice of landing the more survival rate you’ll be earning. There are chances for you to get killed if a swarm of people head towards the same point. The military base and Mylta Power are some places in the Erangel where the players choose to go. 

When you’re on the plane, keep an eye where the other players are grouped. Then you can jump on the safest place and start getting down. If you don’t find any other teams along with you, open the parachute and land. The white blocks on the map indicate the house where you can discover loots, so make sure you head towards the point in the appropriate time. 

  • Loot always comes before the shoot!

If you die in a squad match, there are chances of you getting back to the game by your teammates by using the revive option. In case if it is a solo player match, if you’re dead, you are dead and the game gets over. Never hurry to shoot before you have the necessary loots. The armour, helmet, and bags come in different levels. For the meantime, you can always go for any level you get and later you can interchange them for the better. 

There are different types of guns available line AR, SMG and Snipers. Each plays uniquely and make sure you connect well with the gun you choose. You must be capable of handling the gun because some weapons have recoiling issues, and some may reload very slowly. 

Throwables like Frag grenade, a smoke grenade and Molotov cocktail are equally important as the weapons. Because when the zone shrinks it helps you to play safely without exposing yourself. Health kits and med-kits can only be used when your health is less than 75% so try grabbing painkillers and energy drinks more in number. 

  • Fire only when in range!
PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

A couple of PUBG tips and tricks shared above are very useful for the newbies and going forward, this is a place where players get themselves killed by exposing them most abruptly. The trick of hiding and peeking is essential while firing, don’t open fire unless and until you’re sure that the enemy gets killed by your weapon.

  • SMGs and shotguns are very appropriate for short distance firing.
  • Assault rifles and pistols are the best for mid-distant firing.
  • Sniper, along with the exact scopes, are perfect for long-distance shots. 

Therefore, the choice of weapons is vital while picking the equipment. Don’t have two guns which provide the same as each other. Have short, and long-range firearms which can be swapped accordingly while firing. Guns fulfil their purpose in exact circumstances.

There were a few updates in PUBG which you may find useful as well.

Eyes on the map!

The entire layout is displayed on the map, and in short, it is played on the screen. You can continuously use that map to spot footsteps and gunshots around you which are clearly indicated on the map. The red zone often comes, so make sure you stay in buildings or else there are chances for you to fire yourself in blasts. The play-zone keeps steadily shrinking, thus entering the play-zone within the given time is always best rather than dying outside the zone.

Travelling by vehicle to the areas is always better than taking the foot because if an enemy spots you, you may get killed in few shots, but if you are travelling by a vehicle it takes more damage, and you can survive until you find a place to hide. Stay safe in the last zone as it is the most critical one. 

  • Communication makes you prevail!
Communication In PUBG

Communication always leads to victory, in-case of single matches you’re not aware of the enemies around you, and you keep waiting aimlessly. In duo or squad matches even if you’re not aware of the enemy, your teammates indicate by marking them on the screen. This voice feature is so beneficial to immediately communicate among the team members and take the necessary actions.

There are quick messages options where messages like, bring up voice chat, get to the safe zone and lot more at your fingertips which makes it an easy task to cope up and make the best out of the game. This helps to bring better co-ordination among the teammates and leads to success.

PUBG – Have Your Chicken dinner!

Everything is up to you; wise decision and planning lead to impressive results. Following the techniques listed may help you survive a long time in the game and avoid unnecessary circumstances. Planning makes it all a perfect head towards the goal and grabs your chicken dinner!

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