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PLS LCD Displays: The Latest Addition To Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 Specs?

Samsung Galaxy note 4

Earlier this year, Apple launched the iPhone 5s with an integrated fingerprint sensor that is built into its circle shaped home button. And quite a few tongues have been set wagging and many ingenious minds working furiously when an iPhone 6 concept design visualized the next-gen smartphone from the Apple stable with an innovative retina scanner feature.  

Currently the tech world is rife with speculation about how another tech giant Samsung has decided to follow in the footsteps of Apple by including PLS LCD Displays in its forthcoming flagship devices, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. While Galaxy S5 is all set to make its appearance in the first quarter of 2014, Galaxy Note 4 might show up in the late second quarter or early third quarter of the next year.

According to ZDNET Korea, which is quite a bankable name when it comes to furnishing details on upcoming Samsung devices, the Korean tech giant might be replacing the AMOLED panel that is seen on all its existing flagship devices with PLS LCD Panel in Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. The report further divulged that the decision might have been prompted by the fact that the move can actually curtail production cost by about 20%.

While Samsung has been using this technology on products like the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, it has not launched any smartphone integrating this technology before.

LCD displays have their share of advantages, images with more natural colors being one of them. Another noted benefit includes less battery drainage when the user is browsing the web or performing actions on an app.

Many feel that the change might not go well with the users. This is because in Galaxy Note 3, the AMOLED panel has been perfected to such a point that the display experience rivals that of the best of the LCDs, even while keeping its OLED advantages like true blacks. AMOLED being one of the key selling points at this point of time, the move to LCD displays can have an adverse impact on the sales of the upcoming Galaxy devices.

However, there are chances that the news might not be true since Samsung has already declared that it plans to devise Super AMOLED panels with 2K resolution.

The Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4 could also have fingerprint sensors topping their list of features. Swedish company Fingerprint Cards divulged to Reuters recently that quite a few mobile phone companies are planning to launch devices integrating its fingerprint technology. It also mentioned that Samsung too has joined the club with similar plans for at least 2.

Johan Carlstrom, Fingerprints Chief Executive Officer mentioned in the interview to Reuters that chances are at least 7 to 8 companies might be coming up with a phone that has an inbuilt touch sensor in 2014.

Whether the buzz is true or not is something only time can tell! 


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