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MITRON APP BAN – What is the Reason?

Mitron App Banned

The Mitron app ban is a hot topic right now. We shared an article on the Chinese apps alternatives in India and had even listed Mitron as a potential replacement for Tik-Tok. Everyone, including us, believed that the Mitron app is Indian origin and suggested it to all of you. It is an application that allows you to shoot videos, edit them, apply filters and it’s also a platform where you can shape and upload your videos. You may also view other people’s videos from all over the world. The app says that it was made to entertain people and to have fun and exposure. What made this app fall into controversy was its origin and that it was disguised just like that of the Tik-Tok.

We’ll talk about its origin in less than a minute.

Tik-Tok Vs. Mitron

Mitron was a rival app against tik-tok and gained popularity almost overnight. It was an app that was the same as that of the tiktok, but that was not the only reason for the Mitron app ban, it had a lot of controversies attached to it. 

Mitron App Ban & Its Origin

The main problem was with its source code, which was not from an Indian based company but was from Pakistan. A lot of media reports have said that the source code of the Mitron app was found in Lahore, Pakistan, by Oboxus. It was then known as tictic, but then it sold its source code to India and gave the complete access to it the way they wanted to.

On the other hand, the Indian owner of the Mitron application used the app without making any changes but just renamed it. It then came to light that it was a replica of an already existing tiktok app. 

Mitron App Ban

Google Play Store Policies

The Google play store has a few security policies that look specifically when something is included in the play store. In this case, Apple was the first to find out about this and stated it is not safe and is a total copy of an already existing app. Apple is very concerned about its users’ security and does provide the promise by keeping it up. Recently apple even paid a sum of INR 70 lac (approx) to an Indian developer for finding a bug. The amount was given as per the apple bug bounty program.

At the same time, the Google play store does not allow any app, which is a replica of an already existing or the same type of app without any different features. As soon as the weak security policies came into the picture, their action spoke for them, and Google banned Mitron.

Mitron app Security Policies

The banned application didn’t have any proper security policies which all other apps hold. A few researchers indicated that someone with decent technical knowledge could easily break into the app’s database and have access to around 50 lakh accounts within a concise period. It had become a reason for concern for everyone when this was disclosed among the public.

This app was proven unsafe because it didn’t have any additional firewall or software security at the backend. So, the answer to a lot of unasked questions is, Mitron app Ban is not something that happened in a single day. There has been a lot of research and studies conducted before Google took this call. 

Awareness of the users:

This was a wake-up call for all active users of social media platforms and the Google play store. This incident has given google play learning that they have to increase their security and moderation policies so that the security of the people and their users prevail. Cyber-crimes have increased equal to the rise in the development of technologies in everyday life, and many people are falling prey to such applications, losing personal data, and ending up in a mess. 

It is crucial we all learn as much from what is happening around and don’t fall victim to it. We have grown into a lifestyle or maybe evolved into a new age, so it is mandatory that we get along with it in a smart way and not be a bad example. 

Our phones have become a part of our body and that we have given a tech just more than it deserves we have given it access too. We tend to click on so many access-granting options in our day to day lives, and we take it so granted and never bother to read the policies with which it comes. We click okay by which not knowing we might end up not only giving access to our phones but our lives.

Precautions are necessary:

Security in Mitron App

Every study and awareness about cyber-crime educated the public to have a closer look at the policies of each app well before allowing it. It is high time we take these things seriously and work accordingly. As the techno world is on the go, we will have every bit of our lives connected with it like video conferencing, texting, online education, online money transactions, and more. An incident like the Mitron app and its ban is a learning for all of us to stay aware and educated to reduce the harm we might tend to fall. 

People would have had questions and wanted to know about the sudden entry of the app, and

  • Why did it have gone missing in a day itself?
  • What was the actual story behind this? What steps did google play take towards the issue?

Every doubt of yours was served and has given you a note on how you can stay away from things like these and be safe in the world where technology has the upper hand. If you want to win this arm wrestling, it’s simply that you have to spend a few minutes keeping yourself updated and safe in the world around. It is important you are with the world in an updated manner and connected, but what’s more important is that you play safe.

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