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Google Nexus 6 Launch

There is something really fascinating yet alarming about the tech industry, and that is its ability to outcast the present and project the future. Take Smart Phones for instance, no sooner would a product hit the market that the tech gurus would start speculating on a newer, improvised version. This obviously keeps the brands on their toes, since there is a constant competitive struggle to deliver the next best but can cause detriments to the users, since what’s new and happening today for which they might sell off a truck load of money, might be just another gadget among numerous in a couple of months. Take the Nexus Series by Google for example.

The brand came into the market with the launch of Nexus 4 and the Phablets, soon enough on October 31, 2013 we saw the launch of Nexus 5 and now the buzz is regarding the Google Nexus 6 Launch anytime in 2014.Google Nexus 6 Launch Though much has been spoken by the market gurus regarding the Google Nexus 6 launch in the 3rd Quarter of 2014, we think it is more of a marketing stunt than real news. Google quite strategically teamed up with LG and launched the Nexus 5 on October, 2013, but the buzz regarding the product became quite unnerving ever since May, 2013. So, some may conclude that it is the yearning and anticipation for a product that makes it a huge hit across the stores.

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Google Nexus 6 Launch ?

However, we think otherwise. Google realizes that though it has managed to create a market for itself in the smart phone league, yet its toughest competitors namely Apple, Samsung and to some extent HTC may enjoy a larger percentage of brand loyalist. So launching a product simultaneously with iphone or Galaxy series can be catastrophic for the company. Hence their products very strategically show up post launches from most of its competitors. Samsung normally prefers to showcase its product in the 1st Quarter of the year and Apple obviously has its favorite in the time of September, hence quite cleverly the buzz around Nexus products starts around May, to aware people of its existence, and then subsequently launched in October to catch the market both from brand loyals as well as those disappointed by Apple and Samsung. Smart move? We feel the same.


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Hence, if our analysis and research are to hold good, then the Google Nexus 6 launch is expected somewhere around October 2014 in majority of cities, however don’t be surprised if you start hearing release rumors from June 2014 itself.

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