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Best Free Antivirus for Android Mobile

Remove Virus From Android Mobile

Antivirus Android Mobile apps remain constant to be popular in the types of applications available on the Android platform. But to be valid, you don’t prefer to having any antivirus apps when you play safe, take precautions or download apps from your play store. But you need to be aware of keeping your security settings enabled. People play safe with their mobile phones, but there are those who want to go for a wild walk and generally avoid doing these things. We all know that there are several terrible apps, even when the apps are much necessary.  

Increase in Demand

The demand for android devices nowadays have been potentially increasing, therefore made the hackers more curious for generating malicious apps for stealing your confidential information. This mostly happens due to the third-party app download.

The mobile antivirus protects information such as your personal document, photos, contacts, etc. Mobile antivirus offers the rate of detection of malicious threats over mobile.

The best antivirus apps for your android mobile are listed below, and you can find the best one out according to your requirement:


1. 360 Security

360 Security has various features, some of its security stuff isn’t half bad, and then the other half is terrible. 360 Security scans the app for the potential malware activity; the app is pretty good in reviews. Facebook is terrible and all, as it is not a malware still. In any case, a super virus antivirus app that will also do the scans and shows the vulnerabilities. Uninstalling the app by yourself is enabling every little featuring the app will enable it by own. There are some of the features, but already recommending to ignore them, and also declining the app likes the function and light-weighted scanner and storage cleaner. You can remove the ads by paying the $5.49 per year.

Reasons for buying

  • Free Version with a lot of features
  • Nice visuals
  • Call blocking feature is excellent
  • VPN services also come to free version

Reasons to Avoid

  • Malware Protection does not have any consistency
  • It has an expensive paid version
  • The ads in this app can annoy you
  • No SMS and anti-theft functionality


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