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AskMe App Review: “The Bapp of All Apps” | Android 2014


All of us need advice about different things in our day-to-day routine. You may need address of some great resorts, bars in your locality or you might need to make a booking at a particular Resort. What I was using to cope with all these queries is obviously “Google”, if you ask me. Along with Google, I used apps that were different for different tasks. But instead of using distinct apps, why not use only one app for everything and that is where ASKME app comes in graphic.


Previously we had shared that some best Android applications in 2013 and after reading this post you can predict that AskMe android application has reserved its position in our 2014 edition.

About ASKME:

For people who do not understand, ASKME is tagged as “The BAAP of all Apps” because it has all the characteristics comprised in one single app. It has details of millions of businesses in our locality in which we can run a search that is customized to find solutions to our queries.

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Use of AskMe App:

AskMe app can be used to search for places to eat, shop, drink and relax. You can also search for retailers, listing, classified ads, and marked down deals. You get almost all the advice you required to make your job easy. You can directly put a call from the app itself, along with searching information. No more need to copy the number and dial it using the dialer. Not only setting calls, you might also can be able to make bookings in other areas and resorts using ASKME app. Other than searching, you can also be able to place your own advertisements, and exhibit your own deals in the application. It is also possible to read and write reviews about a specific place or service that you just used. And guess what, you have to pay nothing as the it’s completely free to use. In a nutshell, ASKME is the replacement for all the different programs and services that we use online. It is a one place to find all the solutions to our queries.

  • Get amazing deals offered by your favorite local businesses
  • Latest classifieds on autos, cellular telephone, jobs, real estate and more
  • Add reviews, pictures, and tips for your favorite businesses
  • Make your own listings of your favorite local businesses
  • Share favored companies with buddies via Facebook and Twitter
  • Look up phone numbers and addresses for thousands of businesses, and call them instantly within ASKME app
  • Additional Business info, for example ratings, payment procedures and opening hours, to help make your selection easier

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Currently this app is only supported for android smartphones. Soon it’s going to arrive for iOS and Windows Smartphone Users.

Android users can download the program from Google Play Store. It’s a little app that only requires internet connection to work.

Once you install this program, it will ask to access GPS and monitor your present place. This place will be used to reveal deals and all the services in your locality.


According to my experience ASKME is an app that is genuinely great and has helped me a lot, more notably conserved my valuable time. So I urge all my readers get all the benefits of this free service and to try it once. Please let us know your experience with this app in the comments section below.


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