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5 Foosball Game Apps for Android

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Today, people have turned busy. Gone are the days when you used to visit the game parlours and spend your leisure time playing several games you like. Or, Should I say like? To cope up with this hassle-filled routine, you are fortunate to have smartphones where you can still play your favourite games virtually. Before the technology had taken control over the current generation, you may have also seen the people going to their favourite picnic spots with the car stuffed with the game kits in the back. My favourite game is foosball and believe me; I can play it day in and out. The only downside foosball has, is the size of the table. You can’t take the stand with you on vacation, but you can have foosball game apps on your smartphone. I know you can’t compare foosball tables with foosball apps, but there are some apps which are pretty close to it. Check out the 5 best foosball table apps on the market for Android and choose one for you and your friends!

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5 Foosball Game Apps for Android – Free to Download

  1. Ludus Studio – Foosball Cup World

Best Foosball GameMy favourite foosball app is the best app on the market. Foosball Cup World has excellent graphics and a design which resembles the Premier League. On the main menu, you can choose one team out of 51 national teams, and you can select the game mode, and everything else depends on your skills. First, two game modes are Quick Match and Challenges and to unlock other methods you have to win the quick match and some challenge. The more you win, the more things you will unlock. You can get a new ball, players, and tables. Another thing you can adjust in the Settings is the camera view.

  1. Ludus Studio – Foosball Cup

Play Foosball Cup on AndroidYes, first two spots are reserved for Ludus Studio. The Foosball Cup is first foosball app they made; the Foosball World Cup is the second. The Foosball Cup also has so many things you can change, and you don’t have to collect points to unlock them. You can change the game mode, player formation, difficulty, table size, and uniforms. If you want to play foosball with all the options right here and right now, then I suggest you install this app.

  1. White Collar Games – Foosball

Foosball Game by White Collar GamesWith pretty simple design I thought this app would be too simple, but it is quite OK. On the first menu, you can choose the game mode and everything else you can decide later. BY everything else I mean difficulty, player formation, the duration of the match and the maximum number of goals needed to win. I like the fact that the ball is kind of fast, so you have to have good reflexes for this game. It is enough to touch the ball to hit it, but there are some other moves you can do there.

  1. Navu – Foosball

Foosball Android GameJust like the app on the 3rd place, this one looks rather dull. It has two primary colours in the game, red and blue. You can’t change a lot in this game; you can change the game mode, the number of players and that is it. It is easy to control the players, but it is not the usual way. If you want to control the players you have to use the arrows in the bottom left corner. I like when you have to manage the players and not the arrows so for me it is a downside.

  1. Foosball 3D

3D Foosball Game for AndroidThis app is the least app on this list because it is not that good. There are few options, but nothing special and there are some things I have experiences with this app and not with others. When you are playing foosball, you will notice dead balls all over the field. I have also encountered problems with the app itself. For example, it will crash, and it will crash a lot. Though many people like it and therefore I have mentioned it here with my list of foosball game apps.

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